Thursday, November 7

Dodge Challenger RT Shaker (2014)

Car Barn Sport | Dodge Challenger RT Shaker (2014) | The new engine configuration features a new factory base designed to maximize three new packages " Scat " Dodge , so that customers continue to increase performance of your Dodge Challenger R / T Shaker . For a dynamic, a new "shaker style " Satin black hood , roof and floor amazing look band graphic visually translate the name of this model Dodge Challenger cover , while a black satin Bridge spoiler ensures the support added necessary 155mph top speed runs Instead, add grid and a color glossy black fuel filler flap. 


For more information on " Shaker" flanking both sides of the air intake , while " HEMI " emblem fender and a new red badge " Challenger " in the script of classical complement iconic outside Basically, the new Dodge Challenger R / T Shaker a three-spoke leather steering wheel flat bottom power with black accent and integrated control of the vehicle . Correspondence steering wheel is painted with the " K- Black" dashboard and the frame of a discrete center console. For more information about the center console armrest in leather and accented with a finished product . Most of the internal environment by pressing the start button , the logo 6.5 inch shaker screen appears available on the Uconnect Touch . 

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Dodge Challenger Scat Package (2014)


Car Barn Sport | Dodge Challenger Scat Package (2014) | Scat Pack 1 makes a significant gain in power for three changes , including a Mopar Cold Air Intake for greater airflow into the engine , Mopar cat -back exhaust provide in downstream air release , and a new engine management calibration performance , optimized for the 5,7 - liter HEMI ® . Scat Pack 2 adds the double whammy of power and performance enthusiasts seeking a competitive advantage sought. Scat Pack 3 offers competitive search square bragging rights and extreme amateur performance . Speed gains of more than three times the Scat Pack 1 with the optimized individual benchmarking adjusted Scat Pack 3 , New Mopar Performance CNC cylinder heads , camshafts and heads Mopar Mopar Performance hello conducted . In addition to the ultimate performance of 2014 Dodge Challenger is the large number of car products Mopar Performance offers a commanding presence .

Other features include black hood and side concept of valence , with a black fuel filler door , black hood pins , sequential tail lights. The interior is really unique, updated with black leather seats and power output Katzkin door inserts black leather - lace panels brings Dodge brand . The Dodge Challenger logo in bright red , leather-trimmed seats and red stitching , boot lever and steering wheel embroidered on the front seats. Dodge flat base wheel and the performance of a safety locking lever enables a precise control of the final performance Challenger . The Scat Pack 1 , 2 and Scat Scat Pack Pack 3 deals mimic Dodge Charger also optional packages Scat 2014 Dodge Challenger , exactly twice the performance gains and lists of changes available. Such as the Dodge Challenger , Dodge Charger 2014 is shown at the SEMA Scat packing kits are adjusted separately with Mopar products. The charger is decorated based on lightweight wheels 20 x 9 cm, with black center caps and Mopar II Hyper Black finish.

Does Katzkin performance seats in black leather , black leather door inserts and red stitching leather Dodge red stripes. Other features include embroidered on the front seats Seat belt red links , red carpet and red Dodge Charger logo. Are in the custom look in bright black spokes of the wheels and black chrome door handles , ammunition, Executive Dashboard , center console , trim and wheel center ring. Scat Kits Dodge Charger kit packaging supplement strut bars front and rear suspension , adjustable coilover kit , roll bar and exhaust gas discharge electronic speed control side , the combination of improvements in performance that are sure to stimulate all the senses. The next stage, Scat Pack 2 amplifies horse owners a custom calibration engine Dodge Dart meaningless work in harmony with a Mopar cat -back exhaust . Changes over Mopar Scat kits with functional dual vented aluminum hood, to achieve the cold air and forces out hot air temperature for optimum performance , the fresh air Mopar begins prolong included . As for the Dodge Challenger and Charger, add Katzkin leather seats superb performance in the key Dodge Dart .  

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Wednesday, November 6

Jaguar C- X17 Concept (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Jaguar C- X17 Concept (2013) | The first product of the new Jaguar iQ architecture is a new premium sedan C / D - segment. Power is supplied by engines with a wide range of output functions made available and all offers performance -inspired , offering the latest innovations in technology , low fuel consumption without driveability. These include gasoline and diesel high performance in the new Jaguar Land Rover engine plant in the UK and the powerful V6 petrol engine of the F -Type, provide the specific power are built better class light thanks to the architecture . The concept C - X17 Jaguar illustrates the variety of vehicles that could be created with the architecture. A prototype four-seater sports crossover built on the architecture of high intensity aluminum , the sleek design and refined luxury sports combined with increased flexibility and the location of safe driving. The Jaguar could provide C - X17 refined dynamics and sedan on the road - such as management, thanks to its low profile , optimized center of gravity and the use of advanced technologies such as Dynamic Torque Vectoring Brake in intelligent machine uses a braking system for balance the distribution of torque to the wheels during cornering, then lower and maximize grip .

Proportions attractive , clean lines, the ' balance in a confident and powerful, but with a nice sensuality in it , C - X17 is bold , clear Jaguar . " Ian Callum , Design Director of Jaguar  At 4,718 mm long and 1,649 mm high , its size is clearly a crossover, but in their design that shares strong family traits with the current range of Jaguar . For example , the network is an evolution of the distinctive nose of the Jaguar XJ luxury sedan , while the strong lines printed thigh award-winning Jaguar design F - Type sports before. The interior of the Jaguar C - X17 is equipped with four individual bucket seats that are luxuriously furnished , with everything designed for a sculpture, light appearance . It features a combination of leather and leather Jet Orchid Connolly Connolly in the dashboard , seats, armrests , door, floor and in the trunk , with saddle-stitched leather provides a tactile sensation . An effect of thin layers is obtained by using the patch perforated leather houndstooth - leather panels button template. Ruthenium , milling of aluminum and black anodized brushed metal finish gives an effect of darker tone in the C - X17 . The door surface is glossy black . The C - X17 premium digital sound in the car has been specially designed signature for your car by British audio specialist Meridian and the center console of the car is set for a head-up display on the projector.

The future of Jaguar will be powered by a wide range of services and products, all . Than an inspired performance that offers the latest innovations in technology , low power consumption , driveability without or feel The new sedan is so Jaguar to break the barrier of 100 g CO2/km for the first time the first vehicle to be equipped with the new engine four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines. With a crossover, a new journey of Jaguar Ian Callum, Director of Design and his team is clear that the C - X17 would not comment on the values enshrined Jaguar design compromises purity of form , the beauty of lines and balanced proportions. Length windows marked adds to the sense of elegance of the car.The rear of the vehicle has a distinctive sports car , tail , tail lights and detailing everything he does remember the Jaguar F -Type seductive . The large 23 - inch wheels, which enhance the strong position of the C- X17 is a unique design, with five split spokes . Atlas have a graphite black matte dark gray with bright finalists in the rays . Treatment meets modern technology in innovative cabin full of luxurious touches and cutting edge technical ideas . " Julian Thomson , director of Advanced Design, Jaguar Inside the C - X17 interactive technology combines high quality with high quality, hand made traditional materials . In a spacious cabin , luxurious and sophisticated The Jaguar C - X17 up to four passengers per seat . The seats are shaped light units with an independent aspect of visual improvement amplitude of the cabin.

Solid aluminum construction milling and finishing in Connolly leather saddle , the seats swing very well on a hinge to provide a comfortable seating area , when the vehicle is stopped. Accessories that would support a active lifestyle as a flashlight and camera placed in leather bags, pockets in the trunk. The interior of the Jaguar C - X17 is a juxtaposition of traditional materials and modern techniques of premium finish . Consequently , the seats , the dashboard , floors, doors and trunk are in a combination of leather chair overlapping leather panels Jet and orchids completed . The renowned British specialist Connolly leather , the reference name in the automotive industry premium cabin craft , leather panels custom created specifically for the C - X17 . The Jaguar C - X17 brings interactivity to a new level with the only console interactive surface that runs along the center tunnel of the vehicle from the center console of the dashboard to the rear seats . Consisting of a series of interconnected touchscreen encased in crystal clear acrylic , the interactive surface console connects the rear cabin with the driver and passenger auto insurance in the Wi - Fi . The console of passengers interactive surface can upload video files images, sound and on their mobile devices and share it with your fellow travelers, as well as on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and other social media channels . With the touch screen and intuitive user interface allows information ' flashed ' back and forth between the front and rear passengers .

The C - X17 has a 12 - speaker system specifically for the car audio system experts British ultra-premium Meridian developed . Mounted in the rear center console , dash tweeters , speakers A and B pillars , double doors speakers , rear speakers and speaker height of the head on top of the headrests of the front seats , this unique system allows all occupants of the C - X17 for a sound optimal - with drive unit Subwoofer authentic experience of exceptional car audio enjoy. Console milling aluminum grille , seats and doors reflect the pattern of the screen.
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Wednesday, October 9

Opel Meriva (2014)


Car Barn Sport | Opel Meriva (2014) | The design philosophy of Opel sculptural artistry and German precision fit perfectly with a small MPV extremely flexible . The new Meriva benefits from several enhancements that make you look thinner. This function and the central door handles highlight the innovative Flex rear doors , rear -hinged doors that allow easy access to the vehicle. The new Astra also offers 17-inch wheels new design and high quality appearance of 18 inches. Therefore, the "Opel Meriva is the only small SUV offers 18-inch wheels , which gives it a presence in the location of the road and unique. A cut above your competitors

The new Meriva , the new generation of medium -cylinder turbodiesel 1.6 CDTI Opel . In the Meriva , gradually replacing its variants 1.3 and 1.7 CDTI engines. The new 1.6 CDTI delivers impressive performance , low power consumption and impressive refinement. Opel will initially offer the new Opel Meriva with 100kW/136hp version of this new generation of engines. The aluminum engine with common rail injection and variable turbocharger turbine geometry provides 320 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm. It is expected that the fuel consumption and emissions are only 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers and 116 grams per kilometer. This represents an improvement of 10 % compared to the previous year, the 96 kW/130 hp 1.7 CDTI ( the 4.9 liters and produces 129 grams needed ) .

Whatever the engine speed and load, were surprised by his silence. 1.4 - liter petrol engine of the new Meriva with a choice of three . The entry- level version produces 74 kW/100 hp naturally aspirated . Both versions offer turbo 88 kW/120 hp and 103 kW/140 hp and can be used with a transmission function in automatic low friction recently developed a line six-speed lever allows for selection of active sequential gearbox changed to suit . This combination of a gasoline engine + automatic transmission is a step up from the initial offer of the Opel Meriva and should gain 15-20% of all customers. As for the 1.6 CDTI , all petrol engines in the new Meriva already meets stringent Euro 6 emission standards .

The LPG version of the new Meriva and is 6 euros. Many changes in the components and mechanisms for changing speeds and vehicle integration achieved a significant gain. The new status Meriva - IntelliLink infotainment system Opel technology also receives a new generation of smartphones integrating seamlessly into the vehicle. Integrated navigation system Navi 650 and Navi 950 IntelliLink . program can load updates from the top USB 950 ships of the line IntelliLink contains maps of all Europe , also reads the message, and the voice of his normal duties , IntelliLink supports and integrates the new Meriva smartphones voice control In 2010, independent health experts have received AGR ( Campaign for Healthy Backs eV ) , the " Campaign for Healthy Backs " of the coveted AGR Meriva - . was at heart Opel Meriva certification and unique innovations This is still the leader in flexibility and ergonomics Meriva .

FlexRail offers ideal storage space required for storage with flexible features such as an armrest , drink - Sockets and storage compartments. An important part of the excellent ergonomics Meriva - the concept is revolutionary , patented FlexDoors rear doors hinged back . Opened at an angle of 84 degrees (angle "normal" is 68 degrees) and offer unlike conventional doors open a comfortable access to the rear of the car to facilitate, for example, the ease of installation of seats children on both sides of the rear seat .

Health experts welcomed Opel Meriva rear EGR additional services for comfort, to make an example of its class. The rear Flex space seating system allows the inside of the cabin quickly and easily turn a 5-4 , three and two seats , a lounge and offers a unique function with excellent shoulders and legs of the two rear passengers . The solution Flex System Board has further enhanced with a carrier mobility perfectly in the back - end integrated behind the rear bumper Meriva .
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Cadillac Escalade (2015)

Car Barn Sport | Cadillac Escalade (2015) | Cadillac has introduced , developed the new 2015 Escalade a luxury SUV difficult to establish new standards for art and technology in hand to measure. The fourth generation of the Cadillac Escalade is a completely new design , but instantly recognizable. Growth Cadillac offers an ideal setting for the new Escalade take a great leap forward ," said Bob Ferguson , vice president , Global Cadillac . " Escalade 2015 is a new improved design and technology , to inside and outside . 'S lens is clean again, the leader of the luxury SUV . Since its inception, the Cadillac Escalade is quickly becoming the standard in the luxury SUV formula with a bold design , powerful features , and luxurious accommodation for up to eight occupants. The Escalade 2015 takes elements of design and technical development of the product to increase the signature Cadillac SUV brand.

Production starts in spring 2015 Escalade 2014 in Arlington, Texas. The product line is the standard model consists Escalade and the extended length ESV edition which has a 14 inch - ( 355 mm) longer wheelbase and about 20 inches (508 mm) longer in length, that maximizes space for passengers in the third row and 60 percent more cargo space behind the third row of the Cadillac Escalade . Available in 2WD and 4WD drive Escalade features a new 6.2-liter V - 8, which is stronger and more effective than previous models . Cadillac Magnetic Ride Control suspension reacted fastest in the world is now the standard performance and provides precise control . The seats are designed to provide comfort and sculptures in appearance. CUE, for Cadillac advanced connectivity and control system is equipped with voice recognition technology - technology with touch controls , with the most popular tablet in the world and mobile devices . Entertainment system available Blu - Ray DVD back nine inch screen , mounted on the roof of the Escalade and two nine-inch screens Escalade ESV .

Cadillac Escalade new technologies include security features to protect occupants before, during and after a collision , such as automatic brakes front and rear , which is based on the technology of short-range radar and ultrasonic sensors to help the driver in the low-speed front and rear collisions through a progression of alerts that can prolong the brakes completely. A package of conscientious drivers includes security alarm patented the Lane Departure Warning System "that allows directional vibration to alert the driver of potential collision threats warning function collision . A driver control Assist package adds full range adaptive cruise speed , automatic front and rear braking , automatic collision preparation and belt. In addition, the blind side are ZoneAlarm , Cross Traffic Alert and rear change detector standard upscale and luxury models track.

An exceptional level of craftsmanship has gone into the redesign of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade , and everything that revolves around high quality materials and extensive use of cutting and sewing sewing live - the road becomes very Furniture " said Eric Clough, Director of Design , Interior Cadillac . Truck, similar in character , but also the refinement of Cadillac design language and technology The seats are designed to be more comfortable and sculptures in appearance with a second horizontal row. Heated and cooled seats are standard on the second row seats are standard heat. Technology is an integral part of the driving experience of the Cadillac Escalade. For the first time series of CUE Escalade. The dashboard has a standard coupled reconfigurable 12.3 -inch HD Centre Digital Information Display Driver with Cadillac CUE infotainment system . With the information systems of the vehicle, the driver information center color also provides information on audio, Bluetooth phone and navigation systems , which can easily be adjusted via steering wheel paddles . 2015 Cadillac Escalade progress was a legacy of 15 years of difference in character design signal that add sophistication. Full LED lighting creates a bold new interpretation of the signing Cadillac light vertically. The beam consists of five glass lenses and LEDs that create the form of light. dillac also offers LED - illuminated door handles collection of high quality . The new coating Escalade is a challenge, and cut the body radiates more excitement to forge a new iconic presence Cadillac SUV ," said Bob Boniface , director of design , external Cadillac .

Air dampers close fitting active against certain highway speeds to improve aerodynamics to increase the efficiency of the radiator / condenser. A lightweight aluminum hood and rear door panels to reduce the overall weight. The new hatchback is designed to be integrated into the thin, the spoiler rear wiper design . Cadillac Engine allows precisely controlled with a higher compression ratio , which delivers more power and greater efficiency should work. Escalade is the performance of a sophisticated suspension system , designed to provide a more solid feel and a softer quieter ride , channeled. New haircut - supports the body style reduces vibrations transmitted to the vehicle. The safety devices are OnStar stolen vehicle that will help you find the support vehicle police assistance . 

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Monday, October 7

Vauxhall Insignia Country Tourer (2014)

Car Barn Sport | Vauxhall Insignia Country Tourer (2014) | With its signature crosshair grille , wider and deeper now , style is usually in Vauxhall. The headlights with integrated chrome inserts including Wing - Style LED daytime running lights . This theme is repeated in the rear, with brake and tail lights . A 2.0-liter CDTi BiTurbo produces 195HP and 400 Nm of torque and a 2.0-liter CDTi with 165PS and 380Nm of torque available to: - State of the art four-wheel drive with two powerful combined turbo diesel engines . The diesel engine of 2.0 liter Biturbo ( 195PS ) is only available in automatic mode . Continuously given driving conditions can vary seamlessly between front and rear axles and between the rear wheels, torque distribution before a wheel starts to slip .

4x4 system sensors continuously feed individual control modules with information about the yaw rate , acceleration, steering angle, wheel speed , position of the accelerator pedal, the rotational speed and torque . The front / rear power distribution is constantly adapting to the driving situation based on such information. Maximum stability and dynamics are ensured by the higher differential lock rear axle eGovernment (ELSD ) . The ELSD controls the distribution of torque between the rear wheels, the transfer of torque to the wheel with the most grip. Insignia Tourer country can also lead if three wheels are on slippery surfaces and only one of the rear wheels has traction . The adaptive traction system also supports driver in critical situations. 

To Ground clearance is 20 mm higher than the standard model , an important advantage when loose , uneven ground strokes . 

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BMW 3Series Gran Turismo (2014)


Car Barn Sport | BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (2014) | The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is a car that exudes elegance of a coupe, but at the same time offering comfort and extra space that can be used in a variety of ways. " Page Beermann , exterior designer for the new BMW 3 series - Gran Turismo series . The first impression of the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo has always been focused on the surprising combination of dynamics and aesthetics. The right proportions , four doors with frameless windows , cut - style gently falling roof and a large tailgate distinctive set himself a BMW 3 series are trimmed . Lines delineate taut surfaces powerful, athletic body that gives the car a very high order active predictive suggesting a high degree of functionality. In fact, the new BMW 3 Series set - Gran Turismo sets new standards both inside and outside . At 4824 mm long, 1489 mm, 1828 mm wide and with a wheelbase of 2,920 mm, the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo is particularly great in all respects to the version of the 3 Series Sedan and Touring . At 520 liters , the boot is its volume of 25 liters for the BMW 3 - Series Touring, while another 70 mm of legroom make it one of the BMW 5 - Series and BMW 7 Series , which is territory firmly in the luxury class . The striking new BMW 3 Series Front - Series Gran Turismo makes no secret of his BMW 3 - family ties in the series, but also brings its own flavor to the mix.

The large air intakes under the headlights emphasize character and openings of air curtains motivated aerodynamic sports car . The connection between the front and rear of the BMW 3 Series GT is particularly transparent . Hallmark BMW proportions and cut - the line style roof tilted back , the silhouette car suddenly while tense surfaces and raised damage alongside their intrinsic dynamic pulse. The transition from the roofline to the rear creates extra space provided in the enviable feature cars. BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo is the trade name of the first model , a rear spoiler active sport . One feature that can be seen in each case, on the side , forward - increased kidney slats cover darts , Gran Turismo emphasizes agility. A new element of the BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo comes as aerator. Just behind the front wheels are designed to reduce air resistance around the wheel arches . The team with the aerator air curtains to accentuate the sporting character of the car design and development of tangible evidence of innovative aerodynamic solutions as part of BMW 's development strategy BMW EfficientDynamics . The rear of the new BMW 3 Series - Gran Turismo Series points will be horizontal and muscular lines of latitude and underwriting highlighted.

The rear lights design usual BMW L-shaped beach , long distances on the sides of the car, add another presence in the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo powerful width and make the car appear lower on the road. Two bars provide integrated LED light and slim design ensures that the BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo brand of day and night is maintained. The tailgate , meanwhile , shows the versatility and functionality of the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo . The objective of the BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo is clearly on the back inside - we wanted to create a new , spacious, but cocooning" Georg Allmendinger , interior designer of the BMW 3 - . Series Gran Turismo . The new BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo adds 200 mm length of the BMW 3 Series Touring has a wheelbase 110 mm longer . Gran Turismo margin raises another category. Rear passengers enjoy a particularly impressive increase space . This sense of space is used by drawing shapes , colors and materials of the interior . pair of cupholders integrated center console but can be confused with a plate if desired and large pockets on the front and rear space for a maximum of one liter bottles ( 0.75 l rear) BMW 3 - . . Series Gran tourism specifically developed to meet new requirements.

All folding backrest , meanwhile , creates a gentle slope almost flat and coplanar with the Surface load Impress Series Gran Turismo in the same way - . the quality and functionality of the generous cargo space of the new BMW 3 facilitate open 1120 x 618 mm (width x height) opening the tailgate loading bulky electric opening and high load . another useful function is the load for the rear seatbacks . Gran Turismo Series practices are qualities the rear plate in two parts. largest segment begins with the rear door , allowing easier access to the cargo area . The combination of high quality materials , with the highest levels of treatment increases the " exclusive atmosphere inside the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo . Many colors and variations furnishing space for a variety of combinations . Sport Line : The Sportline adds depth to the dynamic inventory of BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo with a selection of striking glossy black exterior elements . New kidney shaped vertical black bars on a chrome frame color give the front of a sport and listening, and the angle of the BMW kidney grille inclined forward for more visual impact. In the car, the contrast between the colors black, red and adds sporty and exclusive focus stimulus on the doors of the band (also part of the package of modern luxury sport line M ) increased .

Luxury Line : polished chrome finish lends the understated exterior of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismoa of particularly elegant and exclusive appeal. 11 bar with chrome front kidney complex and opaque black chrome side strips and two air shield taken before and vents provide all chrome touch of class . Inside the black chrome window surround the B-pillar features alloy wheels special light and especially 18 and 19-inch multi -spoke design emphasize the extravagance of luxury line . The trim line GranTurismo luxury be identified from the rear with a chrome trim smooth, polished on the rear fender and chrome exhaust . Modern Line : chrome cut to define " modern aesthetic freshness of the line, while the BMW grille with 11 slats , vents and double moldings for the air vents of the subject . M Sport package : The M Sport Package option gives the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo a good dose of adrenaline, which extends its exterior and interior design. Besides the new aero package , including a number of body parts ( front spoiler with air intake , rear bumper with diffuser , side skirts ) and the BMW Individual gloss Shadow Line , exclusive exterior paint color metal Estoril Blue option a sporty look with a clarity and presence - as an effect of alloy wheels 18 or 19 inch M supports distinctive design. The The driver and front passenger to move anthracite cloth / Alcantara sport seats with Royal hexagonal contrast stitching offered exclusively in the M Sports package . The colors and the outer wheels : The range of colors available for the new BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo is inspired by the BMW 3 - Series Sedan , ranging from elegant and classic to modern and expressive. Kalahari Beige Metallic are , Midnight Blue Metallic and Sparkling Brown Metallic shades exclusively for the new BMW 3 Series - Gran Turismo reserved. An impressive range of alloy wheels are also available.

Customers can choose from a selection of five torquey , refined and economical engines launch of the new BMW 3 - Select Series Gran Turismo , which all work with the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology . The engine model six-cylinder petrol head under the hood of the BMW 335i Gran Turismo is flanked by four -cylinder petrol engine in the state of the art in the BMW 328i Gran Turismo and the BMW 320i Gran Turismo . The two 2.0-liter diesel engine powering the BMW 320d and BMW 318d Gran Turismo Gran Turismo round line-up for the launch.  

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