Thursday, November 7

Dodge Challenger RT Shaker (2014)

Car Barn Sport | Dodge Challenger RT Shaker (2014) | The new engine configuration features a new factory base designed to maximize three new packages " Scat " Dodge , so that customers continue to increase performance of your Dodge Challenger R / T Shaker . For a dynamic, a new "shaker style " Satin black hood , roof and floor amazing look band graphic visually translate the name of this model Dodge Challenger cover , while a black satin Bridge spoiler ensures the support added necessary 155mph top speed runs Instead, add grid and a color glossy black fuel filler flap. 


For more information on " Shaker" flanking both sides of the air intake , while " HEMI " emblem fender and a new red badge " Challenger " in the script of classical complement iconic outside Basically, the new Dodge Challenger R / T Shaker a three-spoke leather steering wheel flat bottom power with black accent and integrated control of the vehicle . Correspondence steering wheel is painted with the " K- Black" dashboard and the frame of a discrete center console. For more information about the center console armrest in leather and accented with a finished product . Most of the internal environment by pressing the start button , the logo 6.5 inch shaker screen appears available on the Uconnect Touch . 

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