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Cadillac Escalade (2015)

Car Barn Sport | Cadillac Escalade (2015) | Cadillac has introduced , developed the new 2015 Escalade a luxury SUV difficult to establish new standards for art and technology in hand to measure. The fourth generation of the Cadillac Escalade is a completely new design , but instantly recognizable. Growth Cadillac offers an ideal setting for the new Escalade take a great leap forward ," said Bob Ferguson , vice president , Global Cadillac . " Escalade 2015 is a new improved design and technology , to inside and outside . 'S lens is clean again, the leader of the luxury SUV . Since its inception, the Cadillac Escalade is quickly becoming the standard in the luxury SUV formula with a bold design , powerful features , and luxurious accommodation for up to eight occupants. The Escalade 2015 takes elements of design and technical development of the product to increase the signature Cadillac SUV brand.

Production starts in spring 2015 Escalade 2014 in Arlington, Texas. The product line is the standard model consists Escalade and the extended length ESV edition which has a 14 inch - ( 355 mm) longer wheelbase and about 20 inches (508 mm) longer in length, that maximizes space for passengers in the third row and 60 percent more cargo space behind the third row of the Cadillac Escalade . Available in 2WD and 4WD drive Escalade features a new 6.2-liter V - 8, which is stronger and more effective than previous models . Cadillac Magnetic Ride Control suspension reacted fastest in the world is now the standard performance and provides precise control . The seats are designed to provide comfort and sculptures in appearance. CUE, for Cadillac advanced connectivity and control system is equipped with voice recognition technology - technology with touch controls , with the most popular tablet in the world and mobile devices . Entertainment system available Blu - Ray DVD back nine inch screen , mounted on the roof of the Escalade and two nine-inch screens Escalade ESV .

Cadillac Escalade new technologies include security features to protect occupants before, during and after a collision , such as automatic brakes front and rear , which is based on the technology of short-range radar and ultrasonic sensors to help the driver in the low-speed front and rear collisions through a progression of alerts that can prolong the brakes completely. A package of conscientious drivers includes security alarm patented the Lane Departure Warning System "that allows directional vibration to alert the driver of potential collision threats warning function collision . A driver control Assist package adds full range adaptive cruise speed , automatic front and rear braking , automatic collision preparation and belt. In addition, the blind side are ZoneAlarm , Cross Traffic Alert and rear change detector standard upscale and luxury models track.

An exceptional level of craftsmanship has gone into the redesign of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade , and everything that revolves around high quality materials and extensive use of cutting and sewing sewing live - the road becomes very Furniture " said Eric Clough, Director of Design , Interior Cadillac . Truck, similar in character , but also the refinement of Cadillac design language and technology The seats are designed to be more comfortable and sculptures in appearance with a second horizontal row. Heated and cooled seats are standard on the second row seats are standard heat. Technology is an integral part of the driving experience of the Cadillac Escalade. For the first time series of CUE Escalade. The dashboard has a standard coupled reconfigurable 12.3 -inch HD Centre Digital Information Display Driver with Cadillac CUE infotainment system . With the information systems of the vehicle, the driver information center color also provides information on audio, Bluetooth phone and navigation systems , which can easily be adjusted via steering wheel paddles . 2015 Cadillac Escalade progress was a legacy of 15 years of difference in character design signal that add sophistication. Full LED lighting creates a bold new interpretation of the signing Cadillac light vertically. The beam consists of five glass lenses and LEDs that create the form of light. dillac also offers LED - illuminated door handles collection of high quality . The new coating Escalade is a challenge, and cut the body radiates more excitement to forge a new iconic presence Cadillac SUV ," said Bob Boniface , director of design , external Cadillac .

Air dampers close fitting active against certain highway speeds to improve aerodynamics to increase the efficiency of the radiator / condenser. A lightweight aluminum hood and rear door panels to reduce the overall weight. The new hatchback is designed to be integrated into the thin, the spoiler rear wiper design . Cadillac Engine allows precisely controlled with a higher compression ratio , which delivers more power and greater efficiency should work. Escalade is the performance of a sophisticated suspension system , designed to provide a more solid feel and a softer quieter ride , channeled. New haircut - supports the body style reduces vibrations transmitted to the vehicle. The safety devices are OnStar stolen vehicle that will help you find the support vehicle police assistance . 

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