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Opel Meriva (2014)


Car Barn Sport | Opel Meriva (2014) | The design philosophy of Opel sculptural artistry and German precision fit perfectly with a small MPV extremely flexible . The new Meriva benefits from several enhancements that make you look thinner. This function and the central door handles highlight the innovative Flex rear doors , rear -hinged doors that allow easy access to the vehicle. The new Astra also offers 17-inch wheels new design and high quality appearance of 18 inches. Therefore, the "Opel Meriva is the only small SUV offers 18-inch wheels , which gives it a presence in the location of the road and unique. A cut above your competitors

The new Meriva , the new generation of medium -cylinder turbodiesel 1.6 CDTI Opel . In the Meriva , gradually replacing its variants 1.3 and 1.7 CDTI engines. The new 1.6 CDTI delivers impressive performance , low power consumption and impressive refinement. Opel will initially offer the new Opel Meriva with 100kW/136hp version of this new generation of engines. The aluminum engine with common rail injection and variable turbocharger turbine geometry provides 320 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm. It is expected that the fuel consumption and emissions are only 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers and 116 grams per kilometer. This represents an improvement of 10 % compared to the previous year, the 96 kW/130 hp 1.7 CDTI ( the 4.9 liters and produces 129 grams needed ) .

Whatever the engine speed and load, were surprised by his silence. 1.4 - liter petrol engine of the new Meriva with a choice of three . The entry- level version produces 74 kW/100 hp naturally aspirated . Both versions offer turbo 88 kW/120 hp and 103 kW/140 hp and can be used with a transmission function in automatic low friction recently developed a line six-speed lever allows for selection of active sequential gearbox changed to suit . This combination of a gasoline engine + automatic transmission is a step up from the initial offer of the Opel Meriva and should gain 15-20% of all customers. As for the 1.6 CDTI , all petrol engines in the new Meriva already meets stringent Euro 6 emission standards .

The LPG version of the new Meriva and is 6 euros. Many changes in the components and mechanisms for changing speeds and vehicle integration achieved a significant gain. The new status Meriva - IntelliLink infotainment system Opel technology also receives a new generation of smartphones integrating seamlessly into the vehicle. Integrated navigation system Navi 650 and Navi 950 IntelliLink . program can load updates from the top USB 950 ships of the line IntelliLink contains maps of all Europe , also reads the message, and the voice of his normal duties , IntelliLink supports and integrates the new Meriva smartphones voice control In 2010, independent health experts have received AGR ( Campaign for Healthy Backs eV ) , the " Campaign for Healthy Backs " of the coveted AGR Meriva - . was at heart Opel Meriva certification and unique innovations This is still the leader in flexibility and ergonomics Meriva .

FlexRail offers ideal storage space required for storage with flexible features such as an armrest , drink - Sockets and storage compartments. An important part of the excellent ergonomics Meriva - the concept is revolutionary , patented FlexDoors rear doors hinged back . Opened at an angle of 84 degrees (angle "normal" is 68 degrees) and offer unlike conventional doors open a comfortable access to the rear of the car to facilitate, for example, the ease of installation of seats children on both sides of the rear seat .

Health experts welcomed Opel Meriva rear EGR additional services for comfort, to make an example of its class. The rear Flex space seating system allows the inside of the cabin quickly and easily turn a 5-4 , three and two seats , a lounge and offers a unique function with excellent shoulders and legs of the two rear passengers . The solution Flex System Board has further enhanced with a carrier mobility perfectly in the back - end integrated behind the rear bumper Meriva .
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