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Jaguar C- X17 Concept (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Jaguar C- X17 Concept (2013) | The first product of the new Jaguar iQ architecture is a new premium sedan C / D - segment. Power is supplied by engines with a wide range of output functions made available and all offers performance -inspired , offering the latest innovations in technology , low fuel consumption without driveability. These include gasoline and diesel high performance in the new Jaguar Land Rover engine plant in the UK and the powerful V6 petrol engine of the F -Type, provide the specific power are built better class light thanks to the architecture . The concept C - X17 Jaguar illustrates the variety of vehicles that could be created with the architecture. A prototype four-seater sports crossover built on the architecture of high intensity aluminum , the sleek design and refined luxury sports combined with increased flexibility and the location of safe driving. The Jaguar could provide C - X17 refined dynamics and sedan on the road - such as management, thanks to its low profile , optimized center of gravity and the use of advanced technologies such as Dynamic Torque Vectoring Brake in intelligent machine uses a braking system for balance the distribution of torque to the wheels during cornering, then lower and maximize grip .

Proportions attractive , clean lines, the ' balance in a confident and powerful, but with a nice sensuality in it , C - X17 is bold , clear Jaguar . " Ian Callum , Design Director of Jaguar  At 4,718 mm long and 1,649 mm high , its size is clearly a crossover, but in their design that shares strong family traits with the current range of Jaguar . For example , the network is an evolution of the distinctive nose of the Jaguar XJ luxury sedan , while the strong lines printed thigh award-winning Jaguar design F - Type sports before. The interior of the Jaguar C - X17 is equipped with four individual bucket seats that are luxuriously furnished , with everything designed for a sculpture, light appearance . It features a combination of leather and leather Jet Orchid Connolly Connolly in the dashboard , seats, armrests , door, floor and in the trunk , with saddle-stitched leather provides a tactile sensation . An effect of thin layers is obtained by using the patch perforated leather houndstooth - leather panels button template. Ruthenium , milling of aluminum and black anodized brushed metal finish gives an effect of darker tone in the C - X17 . The door surface is glossy black . The C - X17 premium digital sound in the car has been specially designed signature for your car by British audio specialist Meridian and the center console of the car is set for a head-up display on the projector.

The future of Jaguar will be powered by a wide range of services and products, all . Than an inspired performance that offers the latest innovations in technology , low power consumption , driveability without or feel The new sedan is so Jaguar to break the barrier of 100 g CO2/km for the first time the first vehicle to be equipped with the new engine four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines. With a crossover, a new journey of Jaguar Ian Callum, Director of Design and his team is clear that the C - X17 would not comment on the values enshrined Jaguar design compromises purity of form , the beauty of lines and balanced proportions. Length windows marked adds to the sense of elegance of the car.The rear of the vehicle has a distinctive sports car , tail , tail lights and detailing everything he does remember the Jaguar F -Type seductive . The large 23 - inch wheels, which enhance the strong position of the C- X17 is a unique design, with five split spokes . Atlas have a graphite black matte dark gray with bright finalists in the rays . Treatment meets modern technology in innovative cabin full of luxurious touches and cutting edge technical ideas . " Julian Thomson , director of Advanced Design, Jaguar Inside the C - X17 interactive technology combines high quality with high quality, hand made traditional materials . In a spacious cabin , luxurious and sophisticated The Jaguar C - X17 up to four passengers per seat . The seats are shaped light units with an independent aspect of visual improvement amplitude of the cabin.

Solid aluminum construction milling and finishing in Connolly leather saddle , the seats swing very well on a hinge to provide a comfortable seating area , when the vehicle is stopped. Accessories that would support a active lifestyle as a flashlight and camera placed in leather bags, pockets in the trunk. The interior of the Jaguar C - X17 is a juxtaposition of traditional materials and modern techniques of premium finish . Consequently , the seats , the dashboard , floors, doors and trunk are in a combination of leather chair overlapping leather panels Jet and orchids completed . The renowned British specialist Connolly leather , the reference name in the automotive industry premium cabin craft , leather panels custom created specifically for the C - X17 . The Jaguar C - X17 brings interactivity to a new level with the only console interactive surface that runs along the center tunnel of the vehicle from the center console of the dashboard to the rear seats . Consisting of a series of interconnected touchscreen encased in crystal clear acrylic , the interactive surface console connects the rear cabin with the driver and passenger auto insurance in the Wi - Fi . The console of passengers interactive surface can upload video files images, sound and on their mobile devices and share it with your fellow travelers, as well as on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and other social media channels . With the touch screen and intuitive user interface allows information ' flashed ' back and forth between the front and rear passengers .

The C - X17 has a 12 - speaker system specifically for the car audio system experts British ultra-premium Meridian developed . Mounted in the rear center console , dash tweeters , speakers A and B pillars , double doors speakers , rear speakers and speaker height of the head on top of the headrests of the front seats , this unique system allows all occupants of the C - X17 for a sound optimal - with drive unit Subwoofer authentic experience of exceptional car audio enjoy. Console milling aluminum grille , seats and doors reflect the pattern of the screen.
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