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BMW 3Series Gran Turismo (2014)


Car Barn Sport | BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (2014) | The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is a car that exudes elegance of a coupe, but at the same time offering comfort and extra space that can be used in a variety of ways. " Page Beermann , exterior designer for the new BMW 3 series - Gran Turismo series . The first impression of the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo has always been focused on the surprising combination of dynamics and aesthetics. The right proportions , four doors with frameless windows , cut - style gently falling roof and a large tailgate distinctive set himself a BMW 3 series are trimmed . Lines delineate taut surfaces powerful, athletic body that gives the car a very high order active predictive suggesting a high degree of functionality. In fact, the new BMW 3 Series set - Gran Turismo sets new standards both inside and outside . At 4824 mm long, 1489 mm, 1828 mm wide and with a wheelbase of 2,920 mm, the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo is particularly great in all respects to the version of the 3 Series Sedan and Touring . At 520 liters , the boot is its volume of 25 liters for the BMW 3 - Series Touring, while another 70 mm of legroom make it one of the BMW 5 - Series and BMW 7 Series , which is territory firmly in the luxury class . The striking new BMW 3 Series Front - Series Gran Turismo makes no secret of his BMW 3 - family ties in the series, but also brings its own flavor to the mix.

The large air intakes under the headlights emphasize character and openings of air curtains motivated aerodynamic sports car . The connection between the front and rear of the BMW 3 Series GT is particularly transparent . Hallmark BMW proportions and cut - the line style roof tilted back , the silhouette car suddenly while tense surfaces and raised damage alongside their intrinsic dynamic pulse. The transition from the roofline to the rear creates extra space provided in the enviable feature cars. BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo is the trade name of the first model , a rear spoiler active sport . One feature that can be seen in each case, on the side , forward - increased kidney slats cover darts , Gran Turismo emphasizes agility. A new element of the BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo comes as aerator. Just behind the front wheels are designed to reduce air resistance around the wheel arches . The team with the aerator air curtains to accentuate the sporting character of the car design and development of tangible evidence of innovative aerodynamic solutions as part of BMW 's development strategy BMW EfficientDynamics . The rear of the new BMW 3 Series - Gran Turismo Series points will be horizontal and muscular lines of latitude and underwriting highlighted.

The rear lights design usual BMW L-shaped beach , long distances on the sides of the car, add another presence in the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo powerful width and make the car appear lower on the road. Two bars provide integrated LED light and slim design ensures that the BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo brand of day and night is maintained. The tailgate , meanwhile , shows the versatility and functionality of the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo . The objective of the BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo is clearly on the back inside - we wanted to create a new , spacious, but cocooning" Georg Allmendinger , interior designer of the BMW 3 - . Series Gran Turismo . The new BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo adds 200 mm length of the BMW 3 Series Touring has a wheelbase 110 mm longer . Gran Turismo margin raises another category. Rear passengers enjoy a particularly impressive increase space . This sense of space is used by drawing shapes , colors and materials of the interior . pair of cupholders integrated center console but can be confused with a plate if desired and large pockets on the front and rear space for a maximum of one liter bottles ( 0.75 l rear) BMW 3 - . . Series Gran tourism specifically developed to meet new requirements.

All folding backrest , meanwhile , creates a gentle slope almost flat and coplanar with the Surface load Impress Series Gran Turismo in the same way - . the quality and functionality of the generous cargo space of the new BMW 3 facilitate open 1120 x 618 mm (width x height) opening the tailgate loading bulky electric opening and high load . another useful function is the load for the rear seatbacks . Gran Turismo Series practices are qualities the rear plate in two parts. largest segment begins with the rear door , allowing easier access to the cargo area . The combination of high quality materials , with the highest levels of treatment increases the " exclusive atmosphere inside the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo . Many colors and variations furnishing space for a variety of combinations . Sport Line : The Sportline adds depth to the dynamic inventory of BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo with a selection of striking glossy black exterior elements . New kidney shaped vertical black bars on a chrome frame color give the front of a sport and listening, and the angle of the BMW kidney grille inclined forward for more visual impact. In the car, the contrast between the colors black, red and adds sporty and exclusive focus stimulus on the doors of the band (also part of the package of modern luxury sport line M ) increased .

Luxury Line : polished chrome finish lends the understated exterior of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismoa of particularly elegant and exclusive appeal. 11 bar with chrome front kidney complex and opaque black chrome side strips and two air shield taken before and vents provide all chrome touch of class . Inside the black chrome window surround the B-pillar features alloy wheels special light and especially 18 and 19-inch multi -spoke design emphasize the extravagance of luxury line . The trim line GranTurismo luxury be identified from the rear with a chrome trim smooth, polished on the rear fender and chrome exhaust . Modern Line : chrome cut to define " modern aesthetic freshness of the line, while the BMW grille with 11 slats , vents and double moldings for the air vents of the subject . M Sport package : The M Sport Package option gives the new BMW 3 Series - Series Gran Turismo a good dose of adrenaline, which extends its exterior and interior design. Besides the new aero package , including a number of body parts ( front spoiler with air intake , rear bumper with diffuser , side skirts ) and the BMW Individual gloss Shadow Line , exclusive exterior paint color metal Estoril Blue option a sporty look with a clarity and presence - as an effect of alloy wheels 18 or 19 inch M supports distinctive design. The The driver and front passenger to move anthracite cloth / Alcantara sport seats with Royal hexagonal contrast stitching offered exclusively in the M Sports package . The colors and the outer wheels : The range of colors available for the new BMW 3 - Series Gran Turismo is inspired by the BMW 3 - Series Sedan , ranging from elegant and classic to modern and expressive. Kalahari Beige Metallic are , Midnight Blue Metallic and Sparkling Brown Metallic shades exclusively for the new BMW 3 Series - Gran Turismo reserved. An impressive range of alloy wheels are also available.

Customers can choose from a selection of five torquey , refined and economical engines launch of the new BMW 3 - Select Series Gran Turismo , which all work with the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology . The engine model six-cylinder petrol head under the hood of the BMW 335i Gran Turismo is flanked by four -cylinder petrol engine in the state of the art in the BMW 328i Gran Turismo and the BMW 320i Gran Turismo . The two 2.0-liter diesel engine powering the BMW 320d and BMW 318d Gran Turismo Gran Turismo round line-up for the launch.  

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