Monday, October 15

Toyota Pro Ace Van 2012


Car Barn Sport | Toyota Pro Ace Van 2012 | To open the market 2013 Toyota car projects in Europe and the first step is to produce cars Peugeout Van replaces the original Toyota logo. It is a concept car and auto workers who specialize in the trade or transport of goods - goods transported in the community.

provided much of the equipment in the car, while trade car or goods, but this car should look like a simplified style. a name for the machine name Toyota Pro Ace Van, and this car offers a choice of three diesel engines Euro 5 emissions standard. Firstly, 1600 cc 92 hp and 180 Nm of torque, 2000 cc, an output of 130 Nm and 2,000 cc PS/320 with a drive power 165 hp Nm / 340.

As commercial vehicle or transporting freight Toyota offers three volume settings, 5, 6 or 7 cubic meters. Backdoor option can be opened, or opening a boxcar to 270 degrees. Capacity is large enough, 1200-2000 kg. and the car should be marketed in the European section of the second quarter of next year. 


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